Gay Christians

This is an extremely important topic because it directly affects millions of people and their relationship with Yeshua. The largest error in conservative Christianity is its condemnation of this segment of the population, which is estimated to be about 10% including both those out and closeted. As Christians, our biggest duty in this world is bringing others to Christ. And arguably the worst thing we can do in this world is turn others away from Christ. Yet, this is exactly what a large percentage of self-proclaimed Christians end up doing, through condemnation, persecution, ridicule and harassment, as well as refusing them entrance to their church,all "in the name of God".

What should you do?

If you are one of the Christians who fit the description above, think about all the times that you, whether in person or online, told a gay person that God hates him or her, or that they are going to hell. Think if even just one of those people you verbally persecuted had a low enough self esteem or weak faith to begin with, that they took what you said to heart and spent the rest of their life refusing to have anything to do with Yeshua or our Father, believing that its pointless because they were already condemned. You then just played a major role in the loss of that soul.

Do you think that in any way your condemnation would really help them? Do you think they've never heard that in some form in the past? Now on the other hand, instead of judging or persecuting an unsaved gay person, what would happen if you encouraged them to build a relationship with Yeshua? Talked about Him, encouraged them to go to church to learn about Him, etc. By your warm encouragement and brotherly love this person could decide to take steps to change their lifestyle or at least try to change their lifestyle. And even if they are unable to they would at least now have a relationship with Yeshua which is the most important by far, and by accepting His death for their sins be eligible for grace. You have then just saved a soul.

And to gay people.. NEVER let anything that anyone says to you in this life turn you from or keep you from Yeshua. Don't let ANYONE cost you your soul. We are ALL sinners in this world so anyone who condemns you for your lifestyle is a hypocrite and their words mean nothing. And being all sinners we are ALL eligible for redemption as long as we accept Yeshua as our Savior!